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If you are looking for something unusual, then travelling to Uzbekistan is the best solution. Your tour will be filled with interesting excursions, amazing cultural experiences and embark into the buzzy orient life and ancient history. With our tours you will make your Silk Road dream come true. Our company is one of the most experienced ones in the market of tourism and we use our knowledge and experience in making a great tour package for your long-waited holidays. Our staff of professional specialists will give you recommendations and practical tips for to ease your travelling and make it the most unforgettable.

We provide the tours in following countries: Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. We also can help you with:

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Kyrgyzstan tours

Rafting, hiking and horse riding tours through Issyk KulRafting, hiking and horse riding tours through Issyk Kul »

We are glad to see you in Kyrgyzstan. It is great opportunity to travel using several types of travelling in Issyk Kul region. You will acquaint with culture and traditions by visiting country sides.

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Two largest lakes of KyrgyzstanTwo largest lakes of Kyrgyzstan »

This tour includes celestial places as Issyk Kul, Jeti Oguz, Naryn, Son Lul, Kyzyl Oi. Each location is unique and gorgeous. Let’s experience Kyrgyzstan’s pristine nature. Though there are no trees on the high plains, there are plenty of herbs, including chamomile, sagebrush, lichen, friar’s cap, and golden root, many of which are prized for their medicinal qualities. Flowers are particularly plentiful after the snow melts in the late spring. There are some 66 species of waterfowl that live around the lake or in the surrounding area, which makes the area relatively ecologically diverse. There are several species of gulls and ducks, plus cranes, storks, mergansers, bald coots, plovers, falcons, golden eagles, and shags. Lucky visitors can see deer, foxes, marmots, Marco Polo sheep, lynx, leopards, and wolves on the plains.

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Kyrgyz natural beautyKyrgyz natural beauty »

Kyrgyzstan has a rich heritage and traditions of nomadic culture, which has become an integral part of the national identity of the Kyrgyz people. During the summer months, many families still drive their flocks to graze on the mountain meadows called jailoo, thus preserving the old traditions and way of nomadic life. Everywhere in Kyrgyzstan, you can find echoes of the unfading traditions of our ancestors, which still affect the life of modern Kyrgyz people. Due to this tour you can explore interesting things about Kyrgyzstan complementing it with colorful nature.

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Kazakhstan tours

Fabulous nature of KazakhstanFabulous nature of Kazakhstan »

Kazakhstan is the largest country in Central Asia. Due to the big territory, the nature is very diverse. There are huge steppes, semi-deserts and high mountains of Tien Shan. During the tour, you will visit natural attractions such as Altyn Emel national park with fabulous “Singing dunes”, Kakurau and Aktau Mountains, majestic Charyn Canyon and the wonderful Kaindy Lake. Besides that, you will explore the southern capital of Kazakhstan – Almaty city.

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The Wonders of Northern Tien ShanThe Wonders of Northern Tien Shan »

Kazakhstan is a large country with diverse landscapes. The southern part of the country is occupied by the Tien Shan Mountains. During the tour, you will discover the amazing nature of places such as Kaindy Lake, Kolsai Lakes, magnificent Charyn Canyon and the lake Issyk. In addition, you will get acquainted with the main sites of the southern capital of Kazakhstan – Almaty city.

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The land of steppe nomadsThe land of steppe nomads »

Kazakhstan is an excellent travel destination for people interested in the history of Central Asia. Several centuries ago, caravans of the Great Silk Road passed here. Due to that, many major centers of trade and culture of this region were founded on the territory of Kazakhstan. During the tour, you will visit not only the modern cities of Almaty and Shymkent, but also the ancient settlements of Otrar, Turkestan and Sairam. In addition, you will see the Kamekalgan sacred stones and the amazing Issyk Lake.

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Turkmenistan tours

An authentic Turkmen masterpieceAn authentic Turkmen masterpiece »

The capital of Turkmenistan, Ashgabat, is famous all over the world for its famous Carpet Museum. There are a huge number of samples of these products, woven by hand. Not far from the city are the ruins of the capital of the Parthian state — Nyssa, which attracts archaeologists and historians from all over the world. The hunting residence of the Persian Kingdom was once located in Firyuz. Today, this settlement is considered the most popular mountain resort in the country. In addition, the tour includes places as Darwasa and Kunya Urgench. You will not stay indifferent after seeing such a magnificent places. 

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Diversity of cultureDiversity of culture »

Today, the Turkmen capital impresses with the whiteness of its modern buildings. Ashgabat is included in the Guinness Book of world records as the city with the largest number of buildings decorated with white marble in the world. We will visit Turkmenbashy which has a reputation for being relatively calm and safe. With other no less interesting places you will get acquaint during the tour.

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Ancient wealth of Western TurkmenistanAncient wealth of Western Turkmenistan »

Tour of important places lying near the Caspian sea. You will get acquainted with an amazing underground lake and places that were famous and rich in their origin in the past as Nokhur, Balkanabat, Yangykala, Gozli-Ata, Turkmenbashy and Awaza.

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Uzbekistan tours

Prosperous ancient citiesProsperous ancient cities »

Uzbekistan is a bright country of the East. Its rich history is strongly linked to the powerful Empires of antiquity. During the tour, you will explore the most beautiful cities of Central Asia such as Tashkent, Samarkand and Bukhara. In addition, you will visit the Shahrisabs village – a birthplace of a founder of Timurid Empire Amir Timur.

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Wonders of UzbekistanWonders of Uzbekistan »

Uzbekistan is rich in the heritage of ancient Eastern States. During the tour, you will explore the modern capital Tashkent and the oldest city in the country - Khiva. They are full of majestic mosques, mausoleums, palaces, fortresses and madrassas. In addition, you will travel to the dry Aral Sea and visit the mysterious graveyard of ships in the city of Muinak.

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Classic UzbekistanClassic Uzbekistan »

Uzbekistan is the most popular tourist destination in Central Asia. The country has a rich history and heritage of ancient empires. During the tour, you will explore the largest cities of Tashkent and Samarkand. You will visit the main historical and architectural sights such as Independence square, Hast Imam complex, Registan square, Bibi Khanum mosque, Ulughbek observatory, Shakhi-Zindeh and many others.

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Tajikistan tours

Tajikistan discoveredTajikistan discovered »
Tajikistan is a country of ancient civilizations, where culture is intertwined with history, as well as incredibly clean nature. You will be able to enjoy the beautiful nature, picturesque landscapes, see the powerful Pamir Mountains and learn the traditions and customs of the country. Your tour will take you to places like Dushanbe, Kalai Khum, Khorog, Bulunkul Lake. more »
Superb terrains of TajikistanSuperb terrains of Tajikistan »
Tajikistan is a charming country with many cultural, historical and natural attractions. You will be surprised by the excellent terrain of Tajikistan, where you can visit Dushanbe, Hissar fortress, enjoy Khujand, learn a lot about the five villages of Penjakent and learn the history of Istravshan. more »
4 day cultural tour4 day cultural tour »
The beautiful country of Tajikistan invites you to its open spaces, where you can enjoy harmony with nature, see incredibly high mountains, learn a lot about the history and culture of the country, visit the beautiful lake Iskanderkul and enjoy the views of the Tajik sea Norak, and you will also have a tour of the capital Dushanbe. more »


Silk Road tours

In the footsteps of ancestorsIn the footsteps of ancestors »
Central Asia is especially hospitable, and you can learn a lot of interesting sights, compare customs and traditions, learn ancient history and see the masterpieces of the Great Silk Road architecture. You will visit beautiful cities in countries such as Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. We are happy to provide you this wonderful tour! more »
Great Adventures in Five StansGreat Adventures in Five Stans »
You will enjoy a rich tour of Central Asia, full of adventures, interesting views and the most popular destinations. During the tour, you will be able to see all the charming views of such countries as Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. Do not miss the opportunity to see the beautiful cultural heritage and taste delicious national cuisine. more »
Central Asia in 8 days tourCentral Asia in 8 days tour »
This tour will give you the opportunity to enjoy the cultural heritage and see the architectural masterpieces of the middle ages in Uzbekistan, which were left behind by the Great Silk Road, and learn about ancient history. But this is not all you can also enjoy the beautiful nature and marvel at the high mountains of Kyrgyzstan. During the tour you will compare two great countries and be able to experience the hospitality and cultural heritage. more »