About us

Our team makes tours in different parts of Central Asia including Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan. Our team consists of specialists of different correspondent spheres of tourism, who have a good knowledge of the region and are experienced. You can trust us your most treasured time of the year – your holidays.

Our company cooperates with the most trustworthy local providers who care about quality and high level service. We hire the most professional guides and experienced drivers. We have contracts and low prices from the most popular hotels that we personally checked during the tours or fam trips. Reserving tables in the best restaurants, meals at local families, shows and festivals is also part of our job.

Central Asia is our profiled are of organizing high quality tours. Once you send us a tour request, we will start working on it immediately. Travel Experts will design you a wonderful tour program according to your preferences, interest and budget. If you adore spending more time in the nature, you can join our tours in Kyrgyzstan. If you want to visit more architectural places, then you should combine it with Uzbekistan. Tajikistan, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan are also quite popular for combining these kinds of tours which include history, culture, outdoor activities and cultural experiments.  So if you prefer best quality, low prices and adventures, then you are on the right place!

Come to visit to Central Asia for more adventures and fun with professionals.