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Kazakhstan took place in the major part of Central Asia and small part in Eastern Europe. According to the area of its territory it occupies the ninth place in the world. The land of Kazakhstan is rich in mineral resources and natural gas. The country has one of the strongest economies among the post-Soviet countries. The majority of the population makes the ethnic Kazakh people. They are known as derivation of Turkic group of people, who appeared in Central Asia in the 15-16th centuries. However, they think their ancestors have been on of the tribes of great Saka people who had a strong dynasty in the region starting from the 8th to 2nd centuries BC. During your tours you will have a great chance to get familiarized with their traditions and customs, visit wonderful natural parks relaxing in pristine nature. Our company can organize historical, cultural, trekking and hiking tours in Kazakhstan. The capital city is a new city in the north of the country, called Nur-Sultan. Another important cultural and commercial center is the city of Almaty. The city itself and its surrounding area is perfect for organizing tours in the nature and historical sites such as Issyk kurgan with a magnificent lake, Big Almaty lake with hawks nursery, Medeu gorge with the largest alpine ice skating rink, Shymbulak ski resort and lots of other places to travel to. The population of Kazakhstan is more than 16 million people, the national language is Kazakh. If you plan a tour in this beautiful land, let us know and we will design an excellent program for you to enjoy your holidays at the best.

Fabulous nature of Kazakhstan» Fabulous nature of Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is the largest country in Central Asia. Due to the big territory, the nature is very diverse. There are huge steppes, semi-deserts and high mountains of Tien Shan. During the tour, you will visit natural attractions such as Altyn Emel national park with fabulous “Singing dunes”, Kakurau and Aktau Mountains, majestic Charyn Canyon and the wonderful Kaindy Lake. Besides that, you will explore the southern capital of Kazakhstan – Almaty city.

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The Wonders of Northern Tien Shan» The Wonders of Northern Tien Shan

Kazakhstan is a large country with diverse landscapes. The southern part of the country is occupied by the Tien Shan Mountains. During the tour, you will discover the amazing nature of places such as Kaindy Lake, Kolsai Lakes, magnificent Charyn Canyon and the lake Issyk. In addition, you will get acquainted with the main sites of the southern capital of Kazakhstan – Almaty city.

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The land of steppe nomads» The land of steppe nomads

Kazakhstan is an excellent travel destination for people interested in the history of Central Asia. Several centuries ago, caravans of the Great Silk Road passed here. Due to that, many major centers of trade and culture of this region were founded on the territory of Kazakhstan. During the tour, you will visit not only the modern cities of Almaty and Shymkent, but also the ancient settlements of Otrar, Turkestan and Sairam. In addition, you will see the Kamekalgan sacred stones and the amazing Issyk Lake.

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Different sides of Kazakhstan» Different sides of Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan attracts tourists with a variety of nature and modern rapidly developing cities. During this tour, you will visit the main attractions of the cities of Nur-Sultan and Almaty and get acquainted with the history of the Kazakh people. In addition, you will discover amazing Borovoe and Issyk lakes and the majestic Charyn Canyons.

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The pride of Modern Kazakhstan» The pride of Modern Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is one of the most prosperous counties of Central Asia. It is developing dynamically and the number of interesting and unique projects is growing every year. During the tour, you will explore the large cities of Nur-Sultan and Almaty. They are full of historical sites and buildings with majestic modern architecture. Besides that, you will travel to famous Medeo Gorge and Tamgaly gorge, where the gallery of ancient petroglyphs is located.

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Fairy Tale of Kazakhstan» Fairy Tale of Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is a country of new opportunities. we offer you to see the two charming capitals of Kazakhstan Nur- Sultan and Almaty, enjoy the beautiful nature of Kaindy, Kolsay lakes, Charyn, learn the ancient history, marvel at the cultural heritage of the country, you can also try the cuisine and experience the traditions and customs of Kazakhstan. more »
5 day Classic Kazakhstan» 5 day Classic Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan attracts worldwide attention for its beautiful sights. Thanks to the beautiful nature and interesting history, the country is in the top of tourists ' visits. On a tour of Kazakhstan, you will visit the southern capital of Almaty, see the beautiful Charyn, enjoy lake Issyk and of course take a lot of photos. more »
Golden Altyn Emel tour» Golden Altyn Emel tour

Kazakhstan invites you to see the beautiful places of your country. You can enjoy spending time in such places as Almaty, Kolsai, Kaindy Lakes and see all the beauty of the country's pristine nature. During the tour, you will be lucky enough to learn the customs and traditions of Kazakhstan, as well as learn the history. more »
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