Wonders of Uzbekistan

Wonders of Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan tours.

Name of tour: Wonders of Uzbekistan 

Length:   6 days and 5 nights 

Overnight stays: Nukus, Aral Sea, Tashkent, Khiva

Day 1: Tashkent – Nukus
Today you will have a sightseeing tour in Tashkent city. It will start from the main square of Uzbekistan called Independence square. It was built in memory of victory over fascism in the Second World War. Then the tour will continue to the walking street between the Independence square and Amir Timur square. It is also known as the local Broadway. After that you wil have a chance to take pictures of Tashkent metro. It is considered one of the most fascinating subways in the world. The first line was built in 1977. Then you will visit the old part of Tashkent. Her you will discover the Chorsu Bazaar, Kukaldash Madrasah and Hast Imam complex which includes several madrasahs, mosques and mausoleum. Its main highlight is the world’s oldest Quran copy called Othman Quran. It belonged to Othman Ibn Affan, the Third Caliph who succeeded the prophet Muhammad. He was murdered in the 8th century, but I is still possible to see the traces of his blood on the pages of Quran. You will have an evening flight to Nukus. The  overnight stay will be organized in the hotel.

Day 2: Nukus – Kungrat – Sudochye – Aral Sea
Today you will travel to Aral Sea. You will drive 9 hours through the route Nukus - Kungrad - Plato Ustyurt - Sudochye Lake - Aral Sea. On the way you will visit Gaur-Kala Fortress ("fortress of the infidels"). It was erected in the 4th century BC. Its walls are more than 10 meters high. They surround a few ancient strongholds. Now it is not possible to determine what buildings they were. In the evening, you will arrive to Aral Sea. The driver will organize a comfortable camp for you. Then you will have a dinner in nature. The overnight will be in tents. 

Day 3: Aral Sea – Muinak – Nukus - Tashkent
In the morning, you will be able to take amazing pictures of the sunrise. After breakfast, you will visit magnificent Ustyurt canyons and Muinak. The road goes through the dried bottom of Aral Sea. The situation of the Muinak city demonstrates the ecological disaster of that region. Before the catastrophe, it was the largest Karakalpakstan’s port and Aral Sea center of fishery. Upon arrival you will visit the town museum and see the “graveyard of ships” located on the shore of the sea. After an excursion, you will return to Nukus. In the evening, you will have a flight to the capital city Tashkent. The overnight stay will be in the hotel.

Day 4: Nukus – Ayaz Qala – Tuprak Qala – Khiva
Today you will head to the most ancient city of Uzbekistan – Khiva. Its history is inextricably linked with the powerful Khorezmshah’s State with its capital in Urgench before. In the 10th century, Khiva was a major center of trade on the Great Silk Road. All caravans rested here on their way to China and back. The gates were opened and the city welcomed the endless stream of traders. Today you will also see two famous fortresses: Ayaz Qala and Turpak Qala. Ayaz Qala is an ancient castle of Khorezm, which was built in 2nd century AD in honor warrior-slave Ayaz, a Turkic folklore hero. Tuprak Qala (‘clay fort’) was the royal city of Khorezmian ruler Artav. According to archaeological research, the fortress was erected in 1st or 2nd century AD. It was occupied until 6th century AD. Wars and invasions left the city without any sign of life. At the end of the day you will be taken to the hotel in Khiva.  

Day 5: Khiva – Tashkent
The last active day of your tour in Uzbekistan will be dedicated to a sightseeing tour in Khiva city. Its main highlight is the inner city Ichan-Qala surrounded by strong walls, Inside there are over 400 traditional dwelling houses and about 60 architectural monuments. It includes ancient palaces, mosques, Madrasahs, Mausoleums, Minarets, Caravan-Sarais and Bathhouses. In 1969 Ixhan-Qala was recognized as a historical and architectural conservation area. The most famous sites are the Kunya-Ark fortress that was erected in the 17th century by Muhammad Arang Khan, Kalta Minor minaret and Tash Khouvli palace that reflects the Khorezm architectural art of 1830s. You will have an evening flight to Tashkent. The overnight will be in a hotel.

Day 6: Tashkent – Flight
In the morning the transfer will take you to the hotel.


Price per person:
02 pax – 830 $
04 pax – 680 $
06 pax – 610 $
08 pax – 575 $
10 pax – 555 $
Single – 70 $

Early check-in – 35 $
Single early check-in – 55 $ 

*Half board – 40 $
*Full board – 65 $

*Entrance fees – 45 $ available with escort guide only   

English speaking guide – local 130 $ or escort 370 $ per group  

Flight tickets Urgench – Tashkent – from 80 $ per person
Flight tickets Tashkent – Nukus – from 80 $ per person


Service includes:
- Transport
- Accommodation:
      Nukus – “Jipek Joli” Hotel 3*
      Aral Sea – “Tents”
      Khiva – “Old Khiva” Hotel 3*
      Tashkent – “Tourist Inn” Hotel 3*
- Mineral water during the tour                                 

Service does not include:
- Visa
- Full board
- Travel insurance
- English speaking guide
- Entrances to all museums
- Flight tickets Tashkent – Nukus
- Flight tickets Urgench – Tashkent

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