Silk Road Tours

Silk Road is the ancient road of trade that started its origins in the second century BC and was successful until the medieval ages before the discovery of sea ways. The main goods transported along this international network was not the silk only, there were many goods such as precious stones, materials, paper, gunpowder exchanged on the road as well as religions, philosophies and ideas. Silk Road was the trigger of the development of political, economic and social relations between the civilizations of the East and the West. Central Asian region has also played key role in this development. These countries as Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan have served the function of the extension link, while on the territory of Uzbekistan and Tajikistan there appeared the booming trading centers. Turkmenistan was the point where caravans stopped by, too. Nowadays these wonderful countries have preserved the best of the heritage left from their ancestors. You can visit amazing architectural monuments, archeological findings in the museums, ruins of the ancient civilizations along these countries. Our company organizes exclusive tours and excursions along the route of ancient caravans in Uzbekistan and other countries of Central Asia. During your tours you will visit once glorifying cities, noisy bazaars, excellent landscapes and great monuments of history. Join our tours and learn more about Silk Road with us!

In the footsteps of ancestors» In the footsteps of ancestors

Central Asia is especially hospitable, and you can learn a lot of interesting sights, compare customs and traditions, learn ancient history and see the masterpieces of the Great Silk Road architecture. You will visit beautiful cities in countries such as Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. We are happy to provide you this wonderful tour! more »
Great Adventures in Five Stans» Great Adventures in Five Stans

You will enjoy a rich tour of Central Asia, full of adventures, interesting views and the most popular destinations. During the tour, you will be able to see all the charming views of such countries as Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. Do not miss the opportunity to see the beautiful cultural heritage and taste delicious national cuisine. more »
Central Asia in 8 days tour» Central Asia in 8 days tour

This tour will give you the opportunity to enjoy the cultural heritage and see the architectural masterpieces of the middle ages in Uzbekistan, which were left behind by the Great Silk Road, and learn about ancient history. But this is not all you can also enjoy the beautiful nature and marvel at the high mountains of Kyrgyzstan. During the tour you will compare two great countries and be able to experience the hospitality and cultural heritage. more »
Pearl cities of Central Asia» Pearl cities of Central Asia

We provide you with a beautiful tour of Central Asia. During the tour, you will be able to try out various customs and traditions, culture, immerse yourself in ancient history, and enjoy the national cuisine. You will start the tour in Kazakhstan, enjoy Kyrgyzstan, continue in Tajikistan, and explore Uzbekistan. Don’t hesitate and start the tour right now! more »
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