Feedback, Fox, Kyrgyzstan tours, Car rent.

One thing that I want to say about this tour is just "relay and explore little mountainous Kyrgyzstan”


Feedback, Andrey, Kyrgyzstan tours, Car rent.

A fantastic tour route that covers many surprising destinations in Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan as well as the most hospitable semi-nomad people.


Feedback, Oscar and Bear, Kyrgyzstan tours, Car rent.

Had an absolutely fantastic time in Song Kul lake. Unbelievable enjoyment from the start to the end of our trip. It was the first time I traveled alone to Central Asia - Kyrgyzstan and it was an amazing experience in my life I have ever had! Everything was organized well, I would recommend to anyone who would like to see the nature, mountains and meet and talk to nomad people.
Oscar and Bear


Feedback, Erez, Kyrgyzstan tours, Car rent.

We would recommend the route Kyrgyzstan Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan Tajikistan and Turkmenistan. These are wonderful countries. Very many things to see and experience. You may think that these stans are similar. But I am saying that you have to visit each of them! Thare are absolutely DIFFERENT!!!


Feedback, Berlioz and David, Kyrgyzstan tours, Car rent.

All places I recommended you are unforgettable. Uzbekistan is interesting with its amazing mosques, Kyrgyzstan with nature!
Berlioz and David


Feedback, James, Kyrgyzstan tours, Car rent.

I had the best experience during trip through Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan! My driver was obviously very experienced and well equipped to handle the varying road conditions. Very informative English speaking guide that opened the real life of people in a country, not only the tourist side.