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Today everyone who wants to travel to the countries of 5 "stans" or in other words to Central Asia can do it through our tours with the car for rent service. In turn, we want to remind you that the tour on rented car in the countries of Central Asia such as Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan is organized only by professionals that is by responsive managers, experienced guides and drivers. It is important to know that the countries of Central Asia or as they are also called 5 "stans" have been neighboring countries since the ancient times, so you can notice their similarities in culture. However, traveling through Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan, you can also understand that these are completely different areas, each of which is filled with its own unique character. And so let's talk a little about these Central Asian countries.

Kyrgyzstan is a small mountainous country from the list of 5 "stans". Speaking about such a Central Asian country as Kyrgyzstan, the first thing to say about its majestic mountains, lakes like pearls. In addition to such natural beauties, during the tour with car for rent service in Kyrgyzstan, travelers will learn that the area is rich in water resources in the form of glaciers and many rivers. The lakes of Kyrgyzstan, famous for their transparency as Issyk Kul, Son Kul, Chatyr Kul, Sary Chelek, Kel Su and others, do not leave any traveler indifferent. Moreover, the most important advantage of traveling in Kyrgyzstan is friendly, generous and hospitable locals.

Kazakhstan is a country located in Central Asia that surprises travelers with its wide steppes. Taking the tour with rented car in Kazakhstan, part of the tourists go to the Big Almaty Lake, the Medeo Skating Rink, they also ride on the famous Almaty cableway. In addition, traveling through amazing Kazakhstan, you can see the second Grand Canyon in the form of Charyn Canyon. Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan may have a little similarity in culture, but the nature of these countries is special in its own way.

Another Central Asian country is Tajikistan. When going on the tour with car for rent service in Tajikistan, travelers find the mountainous area. In other words, this country also has many high mountains. That is, if we compare the relief of Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan, we can see that they are a bit similar to each other. However, the country has its own unique countries, so it is worth finding out during your tour of the country.

Uzbekistan is another attractive country in Central Asia. Uzbekistan surprises travelers during the tour with rented car service its oriental fabulous culture and exquisite cuisine. By the way, the main dish in the form of pilaf should be noted about the cuisine of Uzbekistan. When traveling around Uzbekistan, be sure to try this dish, which also has varieties here. In addition, during the tour of this country, travelers are recommended to visit the bazaar, where you can feel the oriental flavor. Enjoy the hospitality of the Uzbek people during the tour.

Turkmenistan is a beautiful country of Central Asia, which is known as closed. However, it is possible and even necessary to travel to this closed country because here, during the tour with car for rent service, you can see such unique places as the Karakum Desert, the Darvaza gas crater, explore the ruins of historical cities like Nisa and Merv.

Experience a wave of positive emotions during the tour on rented car traveling in the countries of the very hospitable people of Central Asia.

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