Dungan cathedral

Kyrgyzstan is proud of its natural attractions and beautiful views. On tours in Kyrgyzstan, our clients have a chance to enjoy interesting objects such as the Dungan mosque. And you can find out that this object is of religious significance. The very history of the mosque is very interesting, and also worth studying. You can rent a car for tours around Kyrgyzstan and enjoy the beautiful scenery and see the incredible views.

As shown in 1877, people fled from China to the territory of Kyrgyzstan. As people arrived, they were able to create a community. Later in 1907, the famous architect Zhou Xia was involved in the creation of the mosque. He and 20 people were able to build a mosque and prepare materials. So a beautiful mosque like the Dungan mosque could appear without a single nail and metal.

On tours in Kyrgyzstan, our guests will be able to explore nature, rent a car, and enjoy a guided tour of the mosque. Our company provides excellent cars for tours in Kyrgyzstan and guests of the country will be able to enjoy exploring the meaning of the colors of the building. And guests on tours in Kyrgyzstan will be able to learn that the yellow color means wealth, happiness means green and the red color represents protection from evil spirits.

You will be able to find out for tours of the fact that in the Soviet era, the people could not believe in God and also visit these religious places. All events took place in the 20th century. In the Second World War, there were great sacrifices and losses, so the Muslims wanted to help the state and gave a large amount of money. The government after this act allocated a large amount of money. And so you can rent a car and go on tours in Kyrgyzstan, on a trip to the city of Karakol and explore the Dungan mosque.