Each holiday is one of the best days of the year. Celebration of holidays - make our life more interesting and colorful. Firstly, thanks to these holidays we have a great opportunity to get the whole family together. Prepare traditional cuisine for the family table, buy gifts and decorate the house. New wonderful memories are created and families become more united. Secondly, people can relax or do household chores that cannot end on weekdays, on holiday weekends. On holidays, you can go abroad for a few days or rent a car and go on a tour of your country.

We've planned to dedicate today’s article entirely to Kyrgyzstan's official holidays. This information would be very useful if you are going on a tour in Kyrgyzstan.

January 1st, New Year

The New Year is celebrated in Kyrgyzstan, as it is in several other countries, on December 31. This holiday is common in our culture. We decorate a Christmas tree, prepare meat cuisines, and exchange gifts in celebration of this holiday. The New Year is traditionally celebrated in the family circle around a festive table with a wide variety of cuisine.

January 7, Orthodox Christmas

Since our country is multinational, there are many peasants in our country who celebrate Orthodox Christmas. Kyrgyzstan celebrates Christmas like other Orthodox countries. After attending church services, people continue to celebrate Christmas at home with their families and friends. The festive table is especially rich.

February 23, Defender's Day.

This holiday is more and more called the Day of Men. This holiday has remained since the times of the Soviet Union and is still well and respectfully celebrated. On this day, everyone congratulates the men, gives them gifts and gathers at the festive table to exchange good wishes. This day is considered to be an off-day, like International Women's Day.

March 8, International Women's Day.

Women's Day is a spring holiday and a great occasion to remind women of their beauty and importance in every family. It is also the day of women's struggle for equal rights.

March 21, Nooruz Bairamy

As we know, Nooruz is a holiday in honor of the arrival of spring. This holiday is also known as Kyrgyz "New Year". Because this is the time when everything begins to bloom and a new life of nature begins after winter. This day is celebrated on a very large scale. People cook Kyrgyz cuisine, gather with their families and sing. The main part is cooking sumolok, for 5 hours and boorsok.

April 7, People's April Revolution Day

On April 7th, the People's Day of the April Revolution is marked as a national holiday. Since 2016, this has been an official day off. The national holiday memorializes the Kyrgyz revolution of 2010. Throughout the country, both festive and mourning activities are held on this day. In Kyrgyzstan, more than 80 people have died fighting for independence and democracy.

May 5, Constitution Day

Constitution Day has been celebrated annually since May 5, 1993. It is the day when the Constitution of the Kyrgyz Republic was adopted. Since then, the Republic of Kyrgyzstan was renamed as the Kyrgyz Republic.

May 9, Victory Day

Victory Day is celebrated annually on May 9. People carry flowers to the Eternal Flame on Victory Square. A minute of silence is announced in memory of the fallen soldiers. The event is attended by the President and veterans of the Great Patriotic War.

August 31, Independence Day

The Independence Day of the Kyrgyz Republic has been celebrated since August 31, 1991, when Kyrgyzstan was proclaimed an independent, sovereign, democratic state. Festive events are held on the main square of the capital. You can see people and taste traditional Kyrgyz cuisine.

November 7-8, Days of History and Memory of Ancestors.

On this day, the president and members of the government lay flowers at the Ata-Beyit memorial complex. This complex was built in 2000 in memory of the victims of Stalin's repressions. In 2008, the world famous writer Chingiz Aitmatov was buried on the territory of the complex.

If you are traveling in Kyrgyzstan, rent a car and go on a tour of these places. You will feel the whole history yourself, Ata-Beyit is a sacred and very beautiful place.