Manas complex the pride and treasure of the Kyrgyz land

Our country guests will see nature, important sights and beautiful objects of the country on tours in Kyrgyzstan, and will be able to explore that Kyrgyzstan is a very rich country in terms of history. You have a chance to enjoy the Manas complex and also learn the facts about it. This complex is located in Tash-Aryk, 22 km from Talas. Customers have a chance to rent a car for tours in Kyrgyzstan and also enjoy interesting sights.

Our guests have the chance to explore the scenery, enjoy the beautiful sights and learn that the complex was named as "Manas Ordo", and the area of the complex is considered to be about 2.25 km2. In our tours, customers will see that car rental is a great solution to see the scenery, the territory of the complex and explore the story of the hero of Manas. Gumbez is considered for the heroes of the country of Kyrgyzstan.

In our tours, guests of Kyrgyzstan also explore that the history of the complex goes back deep into antiquity in 1334. Also, according to legend, the daughter of the Emir Abuki was buried here. You can also find out that stone statues of balbals warriors were erected around the complex to protect it.