Railroads or the way of travel means

We'll look at rail options in this section of the tour because transportation is so vital to the country's economy. This railway company is based in Kyrgyzstan. Few applicants can travel across the country by train due to the country's tough geography, restricting their options.

Be advised that Kyrgyzstan's railway line is separated into two halves, north and south. Instead of renting a car, you can take the Balykchy region train from Bishkek to Issyk Kul. Kazakhstan's railway system is the next topic on the agenda.

Kyrgyz mountain Glaciers. Kyrgyzstan tours.

Previously, travelers thought they could enter Uzbekistan through Osh or Jalal Abad. That is no longer the case. However, it is currently impossible.

Examine tutu.ru's schedule before embarking on a tour to learn how to go to Kyrgyzstan. Trains, on the other hand, may not be as fast as flying, but they do allow you to choose your level of comfort as you go. Any visitor to Bishkek can rent a car.