A new country is definitely new opportunities, territory, history, culture and its own customs and traditions. Our company is happy to provide you with an overview of Kyrgyzstan. Tours to Kyrgyzstan are conducted by various travel companies. Before starting your trip, you should learn the principles and nuances of their work.

They have been around for a long time and are able to provide various tours, as well as treat their work with special importance. They can tell you how to enter the country, how to travel, and how to leave the country.

We take great care of our country, our homeland and respect our tourists. Here you can choose to rent any car for every taste and color. Our team is able to organize various types of tours for you, with different types of complexity and of course attractions that the tourist wants to visit.

Our guests of the country like all-wheel drive cars. Tourists can use them to learn about the most remote areas of the country, visit the most beautiful places, and enjoy the nature of Kyrgyzstan. The quality of roads in Kyrgyzstan is not very good, especially in the mountains, and for this reason we offer to rent a car as a jeep.

Kyrgyzstan is almost completely covered by mountains, only 93%, and therefore it is pleasant to spend such natural activities as Hiking, trekking or horse riding in the country. Tourists also have a great opportunity to visit the locals and learn about their way of life and lifestyle in the mountains. Our car rent service is designed so that tourists can fully enjoy the mountains, learn about the hospitality of our country and get acquainted with the customs and traditions. Nights on tours are usually spent in yurts or guest houses. If the night is spent in yurts, people can learn about the traditional life of the people, if in a guest house, you can enjoy the comfort and coziness. Spending the night in yurts means having dinner there as well. Toilets are located outside and they are rarely found together with showers. as soon as you contact our company, we will provide various tours with full comfort especially for you.