Having the wondering about Kyrgyzstan visitants are going to investigate the rivers which are comprised to be about 40000 ones. For now everyone is able to take a car for rent and have a trip along the country and view all of the suggested rivers and streams. But before the tour to be take here, it is better to get in touch with the details of main information of them.

Natural locations of the country are presented from the most amazing point of view, so some of them had the process of the creation of glaciers melting. At the same time there were the means of great precipitations. For now it is impossible to get to some of the rivers, as many are based at the heights. In the course of the tour guests are able to have rafting experience. That is why we are able to create the outing fitting all of your wishes and desires, as well as rafting means. As for the means of the rivers, the Naryn is one of the longest ones, taking 535km. By the way, it is known to be the most ancient one, being divided into the Big and Little Naryn Rivers. They give the branches to At Bashi and Kekemeren and then to the Toktogul Reservoir. You are the one to have  chance to travel here and view all of these beauties.

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The Aral Sea is the example of the modern world when people should pay greater attention to the world situation, when the country of Uzbekistan got the process of drying up of it. Today the Talas is seen as the greatest and main river of Kyrgyzstan, being created in 751. There were the times when the Chinese population was suffering from the pressures of the west. In the northern part of the country there is the Chui, able to be seen while taking the ride along the Boom gorge. Sary Jaz river is the one to be seen while the journey on rented cars, being the part of the Khan Tengri range. There were the attempts to get bridge, in 2003. But the try failed. In the west of the Tien Shan Mountains, the Chatkal river is famous for visiting. This is known to be going from the remote valleys, of the 120km of the range Chandalash. While you travel here, the views of the country are open.