Kyrgyzstan and animals

Talas, a small town in northwestern Kyrgyzstan, located in a long valley between two impressive mountain ranges. Population - 32.538 people. It is the administrative center of Talas.
Epic Manas Kyrgyzskogo people born in Ala-Too mountains in Talas. Several kilometroh of Talas is the mausoleum of Manas. Legend has it that his wife told ManasaKanykey deliberately incorrect to state the inscription, in order to confuse the enemies of her husband and to prevent the desecration of the body of Manas. The building, known as "GumbezManasa", built in 1334. Now there is a museum based on the epic. The ceremonial mound is nearby.
Talas River was one of the places the Battle of Talas (751 AD) - the battle between the Chinese and Arab forces that marked the beginning of the rapid decline in China.
Nature of Kyrgyzstan - is the nature of the Tien Shan. Diverse flora of the republic, with about 4,000 species of higher plants, of which not less than a quarter-endemic, that is nowhere else growing plants. This diversity of flora due to the diversity of mountain landscapes. The vegetation is found north of the republic, Central Asian, Indo-Himalayan floral elements and Near. On the territory of Kyrgyzstan formed the desert and semidesert, steppe meadow steppes, meadows and forests.
The fauna of Kyrgyzstan, there are about 80 species of mammals, over 330 species of birds, 30 species of reptiles and amphibians.
In Kyrgyzstan, home to 49 species of fish, including acclimatized. The most abundant carp. The main commercial fish - chebachok, dace, mountain osman, Marina, carp. In Issyk-Kul Lake in different years were brought from different places perch, Sevan trout and bream, carp, tench, crucian carp, whitefish.
On the territory of Kyrgyzstan, home to rare and endangered plant and animal species listed in the Red Book. Mammals: The snow leopard, gazelle, red wolf, Pallas, Tien-Shan brown bear, Pallas, and other reptiles: gray lizard. Birds: mountain goose, bustard, golden eagle, Balaban et al Plants: Fir Semenova, Rowan Persian, Greig tulip, tulip Kolpakovsky, tulip pink, etc. - biking tours around Kyrgyzstan.          - active travel in the mounting regions.  - health tours in Kyrgyzstan. - cultural tours from 1-7 days. - treks in Terskey mountains.            


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