Kyrgyzstan cities

Osh, the second largest city Kyrgyzskoy Republic, one of the oldest settlements in Central Asia. It is located in southwestern Kyrgyzstan near the Uzbek border in the eastern part of the Ferghana Valley. This is one of the most exciting cities in Central Asia because of its history, dating back to the 5 century AD, and because it is an important crossroads on the Silk Road. For many centuries it was a major center of silk production, strategically located on the trade route to India.
Things to do: a huge market, Suleiman Gora (Hill, a height of 200 meters called Takht-Sulaiman, where the Prophet Muhammad prayed and Muslims to gather in the holy place), the House of Babur (on top of Mount Suleiman), several monuments, the Russian Orthodox Church, the largest mosque in the country (located near the market) and Rabat Abdul Khan Mosque (16th century).
The population of Osh, mostly Uzbeks. In Osh, there are two universities, resort and airport.
Karakol. In the eastern part of Lake Issyk-Kul Nahda Karakol town - a city of gardens, wooden cottages and shady poplar avenues. To the east of the town rise the majestic peaks of Terskey-Alatoo.
Karakol - the best place for climbers, adventurers and travelers. These travelers come from around the world for an exciting tracks, horse trips, climbing, exploring stories and enjoying the beautiful Lake Issyk-Kul.
This city and its surroundings offer wonderful sights: one of the largest and most vibrant markets, the market for cattle and some great museums. You can also make a unique one-day tours. Blood-red cliffs, hot springs, graves of the Scythians, nomadic parking and a large sandy beaches stretching from the water - all in an easy-reach places!
In the center there is a unique building - a wooden church, built over 100 years ago.
Despite the fact that Karakol, the administrative center of Issyk-Kul region, its population is only 75,000.


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