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Explore the city of Tashkent, and spectacular outdoor adventures in nearby parks. Tashkent experience through the eyes of a local private guide! Browse our tour 'suggestions' - each can be customized just for you.

Welcome to the eclectic, vibrant city of Tashkent, one of the most important political and transport hub of Central Asia. This can get to know a difficult city for visitors - but also an interesting, if you take the time. The best way to do this? With a private Tashkent tour with a local guide to the real treasures hidden beneath the gritty city to discover the outside - and the spectacular natural beauty beyond its borders.


Spend a morning hike with your guide through the market stalls - literally overflowing with local spices and pomegranate - in Chorsu Bazaar, Tashkent famous weekly market. On a hill overlooking the bazaar sit the great 16th Century Kulkedash Medressa and Juma Mosque, crowded with worshipers on Friday morning. Outside the city, your guide will. Access to excellent hiking, rafting and (in winter) skiing in the Tyan-Shan mountains Ugam-Chatkal National Park


Experience the real Tashkent on a private tour with a local!

Mystery of Ancient Cities

7 day tour

The tour starts in Tashkent - the largest city in Central Asia and the modern capital of Uzbekistan. Then, the route leads us to take to Samarkand - one of the oldest inhabited cities in the world, prospering from its location on the trade route between China and the Mediterranean Silk Road. There are a lot of old Samarkand see. In 2001, UNESCO put the city to its World Heritage List as Samarkand - Crossroads of Cultures. The tour will then move forward to Bukhara - the "Pearl of the East". Most of the tourists and visitors to observe these noble and beautiful city of the most impressive and inspiring. Old buildings, madrasas, mosques, minarets and covered bazaar keep Bukhara as oldest living city of the caravan day. The next destination is Khiva - the old capital of the emirate and Kharezm an important World Heritage Site. A tour will reveal the secrets to leave the legendary city, the unforgettable memories. . The tour will end at its starting point - Tashkent city.


First Day, Tashkent-Samarkand (300 km) 31, May Thurday

Arrival in Tashkent. Hotel accommodation and leisure.

Depart 8:00 am to Samarkand. 300km. / 3, 5hr

Overnight in Samarkand.

Second Day, Samarkand, June 01 Fri

All day sightseeing program in Samarkand. 8hr

Overnight in Samarkand

Third Day, Samarkand-Bukhara (370 km) June 2 Sat

9, 00 sightseeing Samarkand

12; Departure to Bukhara 280km / 3, 5hr.

17:20 Arrival in Bukhara

Overnight in Bukhara

4th Day, Bukhara, June 3 Sun

All day sightseeing program.

Overnight in Bukhara.

5th Day, Bukhara-Khiva (470 km/10 hr), June 4 Mon

07:00 Departure to Khiva. Lunch on the way at the Yurt

19.00 Arrival in Khiva

Overnight in Khiva

Day 6, Khiva, June 5 Tue

The full day sightseeing in Khiva

Overnight in Khiva

Day 7 Khiva, 6 Wed June

Visiting Toprak-kala, Ayaz Kala 20km

21.00 bis 22.20 clock flight of Khiva (LDA) to Tashkent

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