Trip of Uzbekistan 02

Heliski (Heli), heli-boarding in Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan, 8 days

January, February, March

        Heliski (Heli), heliboarding - one of the varieties of ski free ride with the use of helicopters to skiers (snowboarders) to provide the summit, ridges and passes.

In recent decades, Uzbekistan has become one of the most popular places in the world for heli-skiing programs.

Heliski in Uzbekistan is a wide range of slopes, gullies, rocky ramps, wide snow fields. Heliskiing in Uzbekistan is "the slippery and fluffy" snow in the world.

Heli skiing in Uzbekistan's vertiginous descents 2000 meters amplitude.

Heliskiing in Uzbekistan is stable sunny weather and pleasant temperature for skiing.

Heliski in Uzbekistan is the best price of package program of 25 km in the vertical world.

Heliboarding in Uzbekistan is the exotic and traditional Uzbek hospitality.

The itinerary: Tashkent - Chimgan - Tashkent

Duration: 8 days.


Day 1 Arrival in Tashkent. Overnight at hotel. After lunch, transfer to the "pyramids" complex.

2-5 days heliskiing.

Days 6-7 days backup in case of bad weather.

Day 7 Transfer to Tashkent for dinner, last banquet.

Day 8 Departure from Tashkent.


How do I get to ski. The tours start in the capital of Uzbekistan - Tashkent city. The most convenient flights of Uzbekistan Airways, Aeroflot will have been met, Turkish Airlines, Air Baltic and Lufthansa.You picked up by our representative at the international airport and throughout the tour, he will take care of you.


Ski resort. 150 kilometers from Tashkent - the capital of Uzbekistan in the height of 2,500 m to 4,200 m above sea level skiing / snowboarding (Ugam, Pskem and Chatkal rank) offered in the region of the Western Tien-Shan only 100th Amplitude drop for downhill is up to 2 km long and the descents are up to 10 km. Mountains of Uzbekistan and technical capabilities enable the helicopter to rise from the summit ridges to reach passports. Skiing / heli-boarding is run on the slopes of several steep, extreme skiing / heli-boarding is also available. Skiers / Heliboarders for large snow fields, wide grooves waited. There are also timberlands (archaic suspension), natural jumps, rocks reach allows jumps. Each heliskier and heliboarder for yourself find the slopes to their liking.


Snow report and temperature. Snow conditions allow skiing / heli-boarding in the period from the second half of January to mid-April. Normally collect gradients of up to 1.5 m - 2 m of snow at the beginning of the ski season. Snow is fresh, soft and powder-like everywhere. Mid-March and April are made by the spring-like snow, but can still be enjoyed and soft powder snow even then on some slopes. Air temperatures vary depending on each ski zones and seasons: from - 10 ° C to-3oC.


We use Mi-8MTB helicopter (made in Russia). The helicopter has a capacity of 15 people plus 2-3 tours with ski gear. Experienced crew (with a length of 15-18 years service) knows the mountains and features of the highlands routes worked visibility. The group will be escorted with a minimum of 2 guides, one of them is avalanche engineer. The helicopter is equipped with the necessary life-saving transportation facilities, GPS, satellite phone and first aid kit.


The terms of the program:


- The basis of the book is a written request from customers. The company put a customer in the group list for desired date, and it can account for the payment of 30% of the price to 60 days before;

- The remaining 70% will be paid no later than 30 days. And it is not refundable, except for the cases listed below;

- Scanned copies of your passport is also required for participation in the program, they must be sent one month ago;

- In case of refusal to participate in the program less than 30 days before the flight, the deposit will not be refunded;

- Due to the lack of advance payment, the company may cancel the reservation;

- Membership in the group is not less 14 people. In the case of the smaller number of group participants who cancel the tour, with advance notice (not less than 30 days before arrival), the deposit will be refunded in full. The tour can with fewer participants, with the agreement of the payment amounts for the customer;

- Getting visa and buy tickets until after the special confirmation of the tour group collection and 30 days before the tour to avoid the loss of money (fines for a round-trip ticket, visa fee) in a case of tour cancellation recommended;

- For visa support, you need a scanned copy of passport and a certificate of employment, the position;

- Insurance is mandatory for skiers with the cover not less 15 000 USD in the case of health problems or accidents;

- Heli-skiing routes are chosen in the group by guides in accordance with the level of training, depending on weather and snow conditions;

- The program is designed for favorable weather conditions;

- In case of non-fulfillment of the program due to weather conditions or safety conditions of the Group is on track (high avalanche danger), the technical condition of the helicopter or close the ski area of security, money for "non-riding" helicopter hours is based on the been returned ... USD / hour for the group;

- Repayment for failure increases due to other reasons (for example, equipment disrepair, poor physical fitness of the participants, late or leave early due to the fault of the participant back) is not been returned;

- The enforcement of the program (flight for 8 hours) and request the group to extend to riding - the additional payment for 1 additional hour flight ... USD / hour for the group.


* Note: During the ski / heli-boarding all participants in the program should have bipper mandatory, avalanche shovel, avalanche probe, (it can be rented in Asia Adventures company), we strongly recommend to have ABS.


The program in case of bad weather:


- There are high-mountain stations Chimgan and Beldersay is 15 km far from Charvak. There are two double chair lifts and ski lifts some hooks. In bad weather, we can go there, our group of guests from our transportation in use, where they can ride independently or with the company of our guides;

- We can offer excursions in Tashkent, Samarkand, Bukhara. Excursions are against payment;

- Also heliskiers can relax at the hotel. Big swimming pool, sauna, bowling, discos, bars, paintball are given for their services.

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