Trip of Uzbekistan 05

HRK01.On horse Chatkal lost valleys

Kyrgyzstan, 21 days

        This trekking program is designed for those keen fans of riding on a visit to the picturesque, unspoilt corners of nature. The walk takes place in the mountains of Western Tien Shan and covers a huge area, including the "Sarychelek" Kyrgyz State Natural Sanctuary. We start trekking from the orchard-drowning Fergana Valley. We drive in the direction of the unique long Chatkal River valley. We are the area Chatkal twice about simple passes. We will ride along the vicinitythe Chatkal Peak (4503m), meeting with Kyrgyz people, learning about their simple semi-nomadic lifestyle and taste their local bread and yogurt. We are along the mountain streams towards high-country passes through sheer-walled canyons on the way to be.

The itinerary: Tashkent - Kamchik Pass - Fergana Valley - Aflatun village - Aflatun River - Uyalma River - Ashuutor River - Ashuutor Pass - Valley of Northern Aflatun - Chatkal river - Tereksai River - Karatokoy River - Kokuy-Bel Pass - Aksu River Valley - Karakuldja River - Karakuldja Pass - Okun river - Okun Pass - Valley of the River Karasu - Karasu Lake - Makmal Pass - Sarichelek Lake - Ashu Pass - Kechkol River - Arkitsai River - Lake Irekel - Arkit village -

Tashkent - Samarkand - Bukhara - Tashkent

Duration: 21 days

The best time for hiking is June to September.




Day 1 Arrival in Tashkent. Transfer to hotel.

2 day trip from Tashkent to Fergana valley about Kamchik past - to village Aflatun.

3 Day Trial breaking-in before Aflatun River to its confluence with River Uyalma.

4 , Descend upstream Ashuutor day riding in the valley of Northern Aflatun.

5 Day trip on the Northern Aflatun valley towards Chatkal river valley. Camp.

6 Day drive from Tereksai Karatokoy river flow. Camp.

Day 7 A quick trip to the valley to the lake Karatokoy. Cross the Kokuy-Bel Pass

8 Day trip up the river valley to Karakuldja Aksu River. Camp.

Day 9 Karakuldja Cross the pass we descend to the north Karakuldja river valley. Camp.

10th Day trip upstream Okun river down into the valley of the Karasu River.

Day 11 round-trip journey to Karasu lake. Back to the same camp.

Day 12 Cross over the Makmal Sarichelek pass and camp on the lake shore.

Day 13 Climb the Ashu Pass, from the Kechkol along the river down.

Day 14 Rest day. Irekel optional excursion to the lake.

Day 15 Drive to Tashkent Arkit village.

Day 16 Drive Tashkent - Samarkand. Sghtseeing in the city.

Day 17: Half day sightseeing in Samarkand. Drive Samarkand - Bukhara.

Day 18 Full day excursion in Bukhara.

Day 19 Full day excursion in Bukhara and the surrounding area.

Day 20 Drive Bukhara - Tashkent.

Day 21 departure.

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