Trip of Uzbekistan 06


UTR-03. On the horse's back to the enigmatic Pulatkhan plateau

Uzbekistan, 15 days

May, June, July, August, September, October

        Active part (trekking) to run in the most beautiful place of the Republic of Uzbekistan - in Ugam-Chatkal National Park in the mountains of Western Tien-Shan (it means "Celestial Mountains") near the popular mountain resorts "Chimgan" and "Beldersay" and Charvak high mountain reservoir.

The itinerary: Tashkent - Yangiabad - Chilten River - Alatanga River - Muzbel River - Muzbel pass (3060m) - Revashte River - Aktakhta Gorge - Aktakhta Pass (2310 m) - Aksakata pass (2450m) - Palat pass (2590m) - Radial on Pulatkhan Plateau - Traverse the passport Takhta (2620m), Kumbel (2550 m) - visit the rock paintings of the late Stone Age - radial outlet on Big Chimgan Peak (3309m) - Chetkumbel Pass (1880 m) - Beldersay River - Urtakumbel Pass (1850 m) - Marble River - Takhtajaylyau pass (2190m) - Kiziljar Mountain - Akshurang Pass - Ishakkupryuksay - Charvak reservoir - Tashkent

Duration: 15 days

The length is ~ 130 km.




Day 1 Arrival in Tashkent. Excursion through the city.

2 Day Transfer to Yangiabad and the gorge of Dukentsay River. Overnight in the river.

3 Day riding through the pass into the gorge of Alatanga River.

Day 4 Ascent to Muzbel Pass descent into the canyon of Revashte River.

5 Revashte day riding along the river. Approach to Aktakhta Pass The camp at the source.

Day 6 Ascend to Aktakhta pass, traverse along Karangur River. The camp is located near Aksakata Pass

Day 7 Radial on high mountains enigmatic Pulatkhan plateau. Back in stock.

Day 8 of Traverseing Mingjilki reach. Sightseeing of petroglyphs. The camp near Kumbel Pass

Day 9 Radial - descent on the Big Chimgan peak.

Day 10 down along the row to pass to Chetkumbel Mramornaya river. Wwaterfall.

Day 11 Takhtajaylyau Pass Kiziljar. Transfer to high mountain reservoir Charvak.

12th Day Transfer to Tashkent. Rest

13th Day Transfer to Samarkand. Excursions.

Day 14 Excursion. Transfer to Tashkent.

15th Transfer to airport and departure day.

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