Trip of Uzbekistan 09


FUZ 01 Fishing on the lake Aydarkul. Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan, 8 days

March, June, July, August, September, October, November

        Fast mountain streams, handmade channels, Syrdarya and Amudarya rivers, lakes, deserts in connection with ancient cities - all of which are what fishing funs can be offered. There is the possibility for fishing not only the traditional fish species such as carp, catfish, n arp, walleye, catfish, barbel and also the rare species of fish, only lived in the Central Asia, the water reservoirs. Some reservoirs provide a unique opportunity to catch the sample of the enormous size catfish. The type of fishing in all reservoirs is sporty. Usually the fishermen bring all tackle with it. But it can either be rented. The only thing with ice fishing is impossible, because the reservoirs virtually never frozen in Uzbekistan. So, there is the possibility of fishing in the winter. After fishing you will have the opportunity to visit one of the oldest cities in the world - known legendary Samarkand and his world monuments.

The route: Samarkand - nurata - Aydarkul Lake - Samarkand

Duration: 8 days

The best time for fishing: April, May, August, September.




Day 1 Meet in Samarkand airport. Hotel. Excursion through the city.

2 Transfer to nurata day, outing, in local canteen "chaykhana" for lunch.

3 Day Transfer to Aydarkul lake - the fishing village.

4-6 days fishing.

Day 7 After lunch return to Samarkand, farewell party at the restaurant.

Day 8 Departure.

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