Trip of Uzbekistan 13

The source of the word Paltau


May, June, July, August, September, October

        Paltau tour through Chatcal nature reserve, in the foothills of the Western Tien-Shan Mountains. Word "Paltau" of Turkic passed. Original name was Pulat dew, which means metallic mountain. From ancient times Paltau word is known of ore with rich content of metal. There are still some remains of the furnace, which dates the Middle Ages.

The itinerary: Tashkent - Chatcal nature reserve - Paltau - "Chatcal Mountains" Riverside Resort - Tashkent

Durationü: 1 day

The length of the trail: 15 km



The trail passes through different mountain landscapes.


Obi-Rakhmat Grotto - Cave of Paleolithic settlement of primitive man first interesting sight on the route. Excavations at the site provides information on the unique discoveries and scientific importance of this sight.


Following the route leads into a ravine to Paltau waterfall that will fall from 38 meters. On hot summer days the water spray of the waterfall relax and renew your strength.


The highest score of the tour is birch grove where you can be in the shade to enjoy food and rest. It will be arranged VIP picnic in national style with kurpacha (local mattress) and dostarkhan (local small table). While the rest of you can read the Red Book of the flora and fauna of the nature reserve Chatcal.


Beekeeper aka Ortygali is only 500 meters from living birch grove. He worked most of his life as a ranger of Chatcal reserve. Being hospitable and transferable Ortygali aka man can say spoil a lot of interesting stories and safely with his honey.


After recovery to go back on the opposite side of the gorge. Before you open anything unparalleled panoramic view of Paltau canyon, river flows on its botom and mountains, from the mountains to Kungyrbuka Paltau mountain.


Upon your return to the "Chatcal Mountains" Riverside Resort's facilities include a sauna and dinner in the restaurant "Mountain Greek" to order. During your dinner, for sure you will enjoy through the exchange of experiences on active day spent!

All photo materials are represented by travelers Rustam Rasulov.

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