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7 - At present, this building with mono-yard, two-story symmetrical composition. The cylindrical towers rise into the corner. To the longitudinal axis of the mosque is in the summer, have opened in the courtyard. For basic facade is modest, unadorned facades color and the other walls also blind. The Muslim seminary attracts attention by the compactness, the proportions and dimensions.

In the middle of the seventeenth century to the Ak-mosque was partially built kaly Ichan-east. Asymmetric three-sided building with ajvan was high on the high platform. Archaeological investigations have found that its foundation was laid about four feet are the stability and security of the building under seismic loading. The room is equipped root the conical dome. It mirkhab the (niche) to pray orientation to the Muslim holy city of Mecca, on the south wall of the mosque. Ajvana Plano maintains a number of wooden buildings. Emphasizes the goal of building broad public. Four windows in the room light. The Pand- stucco established there. The facades and the interior of the mosque are plastered. The sculptured ornament of the door are the names of two teachers - Mur Muhammad Kalandar - and two days - 1832, 1842 - probably years repair or installation of the door. The Ak-Mosque (White Mosque) in the memory of the liveliness of composition, was the pure forms and expressive silhouette.

Of sculpture and painting in Hive

The Museum of the City Hiva, where monuments and whole sentences were constructed unbeaten teachers. Undoubtedly structure Khorezm teacher is the part of world culture. The old castles, medieval fortresses early, then and oldest city of the oasis was known all over the world, and they testify to the experience and talent of secular architecture Khorezm.