Uzbekistan travel and tour 01

Uzbekistan Tours: Tour 01
Activity: Cultural tour
Direction: Uzbekistan
Duration: 10 days

Day 1: Your plane lands at the airport. Moving in the city of Tashkent. A dinner. Night in the hotel organizes.
Day 2: After breakfast flight to Urgench. Arrival in Urgench, transfer to a hotel in Khiva. Later to begin to spend out sights of Khiva to day in the list of World Heritage Sites by UNESCO Ichang-Kala fortress. To Ichang-Kala fortress visit of Muhammad Amin Khan medresah, Muhammad Rahim-khan Medresah, Kalta small, Kunja-Ark, Juma mosque, palace Toshkhovli one, Pahlavan Mahmud mausoleum, minaret Islom Hodzha. The free time in the second half of the day. Night in the hotel organizes.
Day 3: After breakfast go Khiva and Bukhara (500 km, 7 hours). Seen on the street, the bus stop, Amu-Dar. Arrival in Bukhara day. Arrival at the hotel. A free time. Night in the hotel organizes.
Day 4: Today you will have a tour in Bukhara. Visit Mausoleum of Ismail Samani, Ark Fortress, Chashma-Ayub, Kalon, a mosque and a minaret, madrasa Miri-Arab, Magoki-Attori mosques, Ulugbek and Abdulaziz, trade domes, Ljabi house a complex, madrasa the choir minor. Night in the hotel organizes.
Day 5: Today you will tour continued to Bukhara. A trip to summer palace of Bukhara emirs Sitora-Mokhikhosa, Chor-Bakr and the Bakhoutdin Naqshbandi Mausoleum. In the second half of the day, a free time in Bukhara.
Day 6: After breakfast go Bukhara and Samarkand to move through Shahrisabz. A stop in Shakhrisabz for the collection of interest. Visit ruined the Ak-shed, Jahangir mausoleum and the Lobster-Sheikh. In the second half of the day, the movement continued to Samarkand. Arrival to Samarkand by the hotel. A free time.
Day 7: Today you will have a tour in Samarkand. The area Registan, Bibi haným ruins, Shah-zinda, the mausoleum of Gur Emir, observatory of Ulugbek. Night in the hotel organizes.
Day 8: Today you will continue to tour Samarkand. Visit the Museum of Afrasiab, St. Daniel's grave. A trip to a complex of Imam Al-Bukhari, Muslim, a place of pilgrimage (25 km, 30 mines). The free time in the second half of the day. Night in the hotel organizes.
Day 9: After breakfast go and moving Samarkand to Tashkent. Arrival in Tashkent by the hotel. Visit the center of Tashkent, Amir Temura away the independence areas. Old part of Tashkent with the Hast-Imam complex and the choir-sou a market, a Museum of Applied Arts Night in the hotel organizes.
Day 10: In the morning, your guide provides you with the hotel and delivers you to the airport.



Uzbekistan travel and tour
Uzbekistan travel and tour 01
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1 - Kulbaba the Kukeldash Muslim seminary, it was a cell 160 largest madrasa in Bukhara. Those who sleep on the sofa spreading Nadir reconcile Muslim seminar transmits images of fantastic animals and birds on the portal. This place, where tourists can see the show's professional dancers, the girl is as good as it is more accurate. Also here the young beautiful asian show is proudly high couture dresses by local designers. The mixture is hard Western and traditionally furnished, with undeniable charm of the models visagistes by the cameras of tourists Men 'press really hard.

Hiva is the brightest stone necklace Khiva, large and well past civilizations, which are produced in nizovjah of the Amu Darya. The city Hivy in so-called Ichan-Kala, the unique open-air museum with magnificent architectural ensembles and monuments majolica is formalized. All tourists who arrive in Hivu, usually the city are concentrated around or in this part.

The center of the wall of mud (more than two kilometers in length and thickness 5-6) surrounded by four inputs of the gate. The West Gate (Ata Darvaza) has two brick towers. Bagcha the door to Urgench, Khorezm youngest capitals, gates Palvan Amudari and then to the East and South Gates Tash.

By a Muslim seminary smallest and highest minaret are neighbors in the complex Hodja Islam (1908). The intent of the artisans have the tower would be far more travelers along the approach to the city. The minaret builders has its building with the ambitious task overcome Kalyan Minaret Bukhara and ancient traditions used to build minarets as narrow towers launched.