Uzbekistan travel and tour 05

Uzbekistan Tours: Tour 05
Activity: Cultural tour
Direction: Uzbekistan
Duration: 10 days

Day 1: Your plane lands at the airport. Moving in the city of Tashkent. A dinner. Night in the hotel organizes.
Day 2: Today you will be transfer to the airport. Morning flight to Urgench. Arrival in Urgench, transfer to Khiva, settlement at the hotel. Tour of Khiva: Ichang-Kala is an architectural complex (12-19 century) - the list of World Heritage Site by UNESCO - residences last khan including Ismail Khodja Mausoleum Mohammed Amin Hana madrassas. A dinner later in the day. A dinner. Overnight at the hotel is organized in Khiva.
Day 3: After breakfast go Khiva and Bukhara (6 hours). A dinner on the road. Arrival in Bukhara. Arrival at the hotel. A dinner. Overnight in Bukhara organized.
Day 4: Today you cross to his tour in Bukhara: Mausoleum of Ismail Samonid (Tombs of the Samanid dynasty founder Ismaila Samani, 10th century), and a mosque minaret Kalyan Kalyan Give the Arab Madrassah Miri drink, Ljabi house complex, Ark Fortress (houses governors of Bukhara), the choir Minor. A dinner later in the day. A dinner. Overnight in Bukhara organized.
Day 5. After a delicious breakfast on the hard drive Nurata Visit an old mosque with holy water in the spring and sacred fish, old ruins of the fort built by Alexander the Great. A dinner. Happen to Yangigazgan to village in the Kyzyl Kum desert in the Kazakh yurt. To learn camels go in the evening. Dinner from a fire at Kazakh similar to sing the Kazakh national songs. At night it is organized in a yurt.
Day 6: Today you will ride on camels have to Kyzyl Kum. A trip to the lake Ajdarkul. A dinner. After he moved to Samarkand. Arrival to Samarkand. A dinner. Overnight at the hotel is organized in Samarkand.
Day 7: The famous Registan area (with Sher Dor 17th century, Tilla measles and Ulugbek Century 15), Zinda necropolis Shokhi (the most important pilgrimage site in Samarkand), the remains of grandiose: Today its about sights of Samarkand, which belong to you Bibi Khanum Mosque, Gur-Emir Mausoleum (where are conqueror Amir Timur (Tamerlane), his two sons and two grandchildren buried, 15th century), Observatory of Ulugbek. A dinner later in the day. Overnight at the hotel is organized in Samarkand.
Day 8: After breakfast a disk to Tashkent (4 hours). Arrival in Tashkent. Settlement in the hotel. A dinner. Sights of Tashkent, including visits to Chorsu a market in the old part of the city of Tashkent, mosques and Kukuldash Did the Imam - the official religious center for Muslims in Central Asia consists of madrasas of Barrack-khan. A dinner. Overnight at the hotel is organized in Tashkent.
9th Day: in the morning Guide provides you with the hotel and delivers you to the airport.



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Mai - Today, the streets, the region, the metro station in Tashkent were named in honor of a great astronomer. In Samarkand Ulugbeka Memorial Museum located near the ruins of the observatory was created. The artists and craftsmen of public funds, designed by the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan at the museum. The project resulted in the People's Artist of Uzbekistan A.Askarova.

The museum houses a collection of exhibits related to inheritance Ulugbeka. The museum staff have reconstituted the environment in which he lived and worked. The miniatures as Uzbek painter depict scenes where Ulugbek handle state affairs with colleagues and communication with students. The museum's collection also includes articles, book appreciate the full significance of this period for the inheritance Ulugbeka.

Samarkand Museum: the museum world and International Solidarity

The address: Samarkand, Jami ul, 56

Phone: (998 66) 233-17-53

Operating time: 21.00 bis 05.00 clock to

He concluded: Sunday

The realities of the modern world for us as conflicts and wars was something unusually regular and wrong. Many people often forget such notions as the world and solidarity. These issues affect all of humanity. As of today there are a variety of non-governmental organizations that support the world on earth.

At the same time, there are other ways the decision of this problem, and one of these decisions was made in 1986 in Samarkand, Uzbekistan.